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GIC INTERNATIONAL’S Can help you establish your company in México in any of the different modalities, dependending of your needs and how much you want to involve your company in Mexico.
 GIC INTERNATIONAL’S can assist you in the following areas:

  • Set up a Manufacturing Operation
  • Look for a site to build your plant
  • Lease a building
  • Shelter operation under GIC International
  • Legal Matters
  • Market Studies
  • Sub Contracting a Product
  • Establish your own Maquila Program

Professional Experiance

GIC INTERNATIONAL’S Professional experience includes the following Companies:

  • General Mills
  • International Rectifiers
  • Puritan Bennett
  • Silicon Power Cube
  • Laser Power Optics
  • Lawrence Electronics
  • Pioneer Speakers
  • Hughes Aircraft
  • Pasadena Refinishing
  • Mitsubishi Heavy
  • equipment
  • Robinson And Robinson
  • Toy Division
  • Electronics
  • Medical equipments
  • Electronics
  • Optics for Lasers
  • Electronics GPS
  • Electronics Speakers
  • Electronics Military Equipment
  • Automotive Ground Effects GMC
  • Power Plants Geothermic
  • Leather Furniture
All right reserve by GIC International, 2007